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Curtis, an amateur of fishing since childhood, learned a love of cooking from his mother Joyce, a chef by profession. In the early 90’s after a number of successful catches in the Memphremagog Lake, he began to research and developed recipes in order to enjoy his spoil. He was especially interested in the smoking process, which along with better preservation, gave an exquisite flavor. It was at this same time that he began to raise his own trout in order to fulfill his “dream project” which was slowly growing.

In 1998, with lots of positive feed-back from family and friends on his newly developed smoked fish products, he and his wife Arlene decided to make it a more serious hobby. They began bringing their products to different farmer’s markets in the region. By word of mouth, their tiny project grew, at which point they made the decision to forgo raising fish to focus solely on the smoking process.

In the year 2000, they officially established their small family-run business in Fitch Bay. Today, they continue to produce smoked salmon and trout, keeping it their mission to offer quality products, all smoked the old-fashioned way! 

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